OC Group

OC Lab: the Content Management Laboratory

OC Lab mission is to develop software to manage enterprises know-how with the new augmented reality devices: Smartglasses, Holography, 4k UltraHD.

Our lab is controlled from OC Open Consulting ltd,

from a decade specialised in multimedia contents production and E-learning management.

OC Lab helps you to get advantage from technology.
Our vision is to be with our customers always ready for the future, using the right tools at the right price.

OC Lab is always looking for new innovative solutions to support our customer to solve their training and marketing issues.

We are located in the Mechatronic Center in Rovereto, in Trentino/South Tyrol region. Our space is dedicated to research, experimentation, innovative services and processes, thanks to the interaction between IT, electronics and mechanics.

The Mechatronic Center is one of the few examples of such a structure in Italy, and it is a ideal spot to create sinergies and new ideas between its members.

OC Lab team: a group of passionate people that combine long experience and enthusiasm.

Our mission is to promote a more effficient and convenient marketing strategy, especially dedicated to high-tech companies.
Combining innovative methods and new devicesĀ  we create services that have a real positive impact on the sales volume of our customers.

OC Group - OC Open Consulting - OC Lab



Roberto del Mastro

Founder & CEO OC Group

Constanze Moelter

Instruction & Graphic Designer

Micaela Vichi

Co-Founder OC Lab
Marketing Manager

Mario Giammarco


Dario Scalini

Vice President OC Group
Creator and Designer QuVi

Ilario Truppa

UK Market Account Executive

Davide Accetturi

Multimedia & IT Specialist

Vanessa Capocefalo

Field Application Engineer (Germany)

Alessio Fattori

Video Maker

Carlo Cancellieri

Video Maker