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Augmented Reality for Industry 4.0

Save money

With GEMVISION you can drastically reduce costs. You will no longer need to send your technicians away. An instant video call is the solution.

Optimize timing

How much time do your technicians travel? GEMVISION is the solution that helps you reduce travel time for assistance. You will only need to make a video call and your technicians will be available if you encounter a problem.

Improve the Service

Digitize the after-sales service with the software that allows you to provide remote support through Augmented Reality solutions.

Continuous Learning

GEMVISION is the software that allows you to collect and reproduce, on both smartphones and smartglasses, technical information to support the customer service.

Trial period

With GEMVISION you can apply for a 1 month free trial, up to 5 users!


Remotely you can help technicians wherever they are, and you can do it directly from your office without needing to travel.

Quick service

Through the use of smartglasses it allows you to operate hands-free by performing a faster service.



The platform is private. All data flows are safe because it uses the HTTPS protocol (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), which allows you to have all communications between your browser and the website encrypted.

How does it work?

The technician on site, wearing the smartglasses, can record the area of intervention. The recording is sent in real-time to a remote expert which is able to give audio information in order to solve the issue.

The remote expert can guide the technician on site, giving the instructions to be performed to carry out the intervention.





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The features of GEMVISION

Ease of use

GEMVISION has a very intuitive design and it’s easy to use. It is suitable for everyday use.

User navigation

With GEMVISION you only pay when the user is active. If the customer is inactive, in the following month it will not be displayed in the cost list. At the end of the month you can check how many customers have used the service.

Activity Log

With GEMVISION you can monitor the history of your activities, video calls, files sent and received.

Shared files

All the files and images sent by field technicians are available. Filters allow you to easily track the shared files sent by different technicians. 

GPS location

GEMVISION can show the GPS location of a video-call. This function can be disabled at any time.

Remote support call

GEMVISION is the software that allows you to make video-service calls. Select a user and start a video call to provide remote assistance.

'Ready-to-go' KIT

Features of the GEMVISION KIT:

  • Water-resistant casing;
  • Reliability, connectivity and ease of use;
  • 4G Hotspot guarantees connection anywhere*
  • 1 powerbank of 27000 mAh;
  • 1 10000 mAh portable power supply;
  • Compartment(s) for smartlasses;

*The internet plan is up to the customer. The customer has to activate an internet plan with the operator of its choice.

Improve the quality of your after-sales service

Gemvision remote assistance is a European project to which OC Lab has given its development contribution and represents now the latest generation of remote control apps that take advantage of all our expertise in this sector since 2015.

Nowadays Gemvision represents a huge element of differentiation for leading companies which, in this way, stand out both for the quality of the product and for the type of service supplied together with the product itself.

Choose the right device for your company!

Better a smartphone, an industrial tablet or a smartglasses for Augmented Reality? OC Lab provides you with the advice necessary to choose the hardware device that best suits your needs.