Augmented Reality is about to merge the reality with additional contents using technological devices.

It is an interaction between the visible reality with additional information at various levels.
The goal is to allow to “add pieces of information” on what I’m looking at, that it is a landscape or, in our case, a product.

Augmented reality is the future of communication and it has the potential to be the revolution of the century“.

We are talking about an extremely innovative system made easy-to-use nowadays. In addition it has a big impact on the products/services presentations and it can be configured to affordable.
It‘s important for companies to be able to simulate environments and processes that are able to INFORM and EDUCATE both its customers and its staff on the features and benefits of what they propose.
Augmented Reality is already one of the most efficient ways to communicate.
Making an Augmented Reality project can cost really much if you do not know what matters in this field. For example, you can find many awesome augmented reality applications on the internet. The problem comes during the production of the contents, because it takes many hours and few minutes of contents production cost ten of thousands of Euros.

This solution is perfect for those SME whom need to talk about themselves in the most simple, innovative and affordable way.

OC Lab develops methodologies to develop augmented reality projects which consider the last innovations in the Audio/Video but still approachable with small investments.

Furthermore thanks to OC, OC Lab is able to provide and manage contents developing communication strategies to give added value for sales, technological innovation and creativity. In other words OC Lab wants to be beside you with the aim to maximize investments by creating a significant competitive advantage.

From the non-stop R&D made by OC Lab mixed to the more-than-ten-years experienced OC comes the possibility to make Augmented Reality projects affordable to everybody.

Indeed OC Lab is one of the winners in Europe for the production of creative software for the IoT in 2015!