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E-Learning e Accessibilità

The International Community of ILIAS LMS created


Anyone who wants to use ILIAS LMS better and with fewer barriers can now find the collective knowledge of the international community in one clear package:

The Accessibility Toolbox is available.

The toolbox is aimed at different target groups:

in addition to general information on the basics of digital accessibility, legal obligations and assistive technologies, there are specific areas for authors, teachers and the e-learning team.

The ILIAS community has long been working to improve accessibility.

The Accessibility Group, founded in 2019, has played an important role in this. In SIG meetings, it quickly became clear that the available training materials were poor: incomplete, confusing, or simply outdated.

Thanks to the financial and personal support of the University of Hannover, the Helmut Schmidt University, the ILIAS.nrw project and the LIMO project, the existing materials could be grouped and revised.

This was a team effort in the best sense of the word: a total of seven drafts were always presented to the new volunteers and optimized based on their feedback.

The result of the work is now available. The content is based on very solid sources, which are also provided. And while the general basics are also taught, the toolbox is specifically related to ILIAS in many details. Thanks to the liberal license (CC-BY-SA 4.0), the toolbox can be downloaded for use on your platform. Adjustments, modifications and additions are expressly permitted.