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Why a Hosting with OC Group

IOnline training courses assume the use of many resources that depend on many factors:

  • the number of logged in users,
  • caching or non-caching content,
  • large amounts of data to be processed as complex queries to the database,
  • profiles to activate,
  • discussions in chats and forums,
  • images and above all videos which, if not managed, can slow down your e-learning project.

We have been managing e-learning platforms for over 15 years and therefore we know very well this type of need which can turn into extremely annoying and harmful problems.

Imagine that you are ready to deliver your new lessons online and suddenly your users cannot access the course pages. A few minutes of waiting to finally reload the page but the video of your lesson has such a poor resolution that your students leave the platform.

For complex platforms such as LMSs it is necessary that the hosting is configured in line with the performance you need, that manages to be flexible and scalable with respect to a growing demand for new profiles or the simultaneous use of multiple users. Above all, it must be safe and reliable because normally a hosting for LMS that is defined as such must give priority not only to performance but also to the use of videos because they can consume more than 90% of the total outgoing bandwidth.


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