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Open Consulting methodology dissects Corporate training in mainly 3 multilayered specified areas:

  • Generic or vertical (i.e. safety, behavioral, corporate culture etc.) for all personnel within the organization
  • Intermediate or regulatory (I.e. legal and regulation framework, sales culture etc.) for smooth distribution of information through specific personnel within the organization
  • Specific or scientific (i.e. complex machinery, multilayered industrial processes, post-graduate university courses etc.) technically intensive for specialists in defined areas of intervention


All of the above are designed to assure:

  • Properly targeted training
  • Personnel organizational and personal development
  • Cost saving structure

Some major MNCs

(The Coca Cola Company, Tetrapack and Nestlé among others) have greatly benefited through our implementations of training programs as to obtain significant improvements in:

  • Reorganizing Technical procedures and Sales documentation
  • Greatly reducing latency in attendance to client requests
  • Designing Multi-user availability of Multimedia material as to achieve maximum reach within the organization and potential clients
  • Improving client know how perception, revolutionizing the pre-sales process
  • Increasing customer satisfaction trough decreasing the incidence of after-sales support
  • Generating significant cost reduction – travels, time, personnel etc.


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OC is the official service partner of ILIAS in Italy

OC is the official service partner of ILIAS in Italy

OC partecipates actively to the development of ILIAS, one of major LMS platforms worldwide. The OC contribute is mostly related to industry needs mainly focused on reusability and internationalization of the media contents.

ILIAS is a powerful and flexible tool for learning and collaborating online.

ILIAS is not restricted to any particular didactical model but instead supports a variety of uses and methods.

Have a look at one of our customers presentation at Bern University regarding a 10 year project with ILIAS LMS!
(video in English language, 18 mins)

  • ILIAS is an open source software. You can use it without having to pay licence fee.
  • With ILIAS you can efficiently create learning and teaching materials.
  • Work flows and tools are streamlined throughout the system making it easy to learn and use.
  • ILIAS is fully conformant with e-learning standards like SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.
  • In ILIAS, all users have a personalised working space.
  • Access to learning materials and features can be controlled precisely and flexibly.
  • A powerful archive is included in ILIAS guaranteeing the creation of a professional documents and media repository.
  • Using the powerful ‘Test & Assessment’ you can offer online exams and assess learning progress.

Multimedia Online

Video Tutorials and Video Academy

A video sequence combined with a professional script, a pleasant voice and smart animations delivers a simple, enjoyable yet powerful presentation to a perspective client, informing him about your product.

Getting your potential clients excited by your products and services is what we make for you with our unique 20 years experience in the field of multimedia production.

Maximum effectiveness for your organization is our goal, both in educational and marketing multimedia material.