Teachers and teams coaching

Coaching is a creative and structured method of exploration and investigation which aims to bring out the potential of the people involved in the project.

In case of corporate contexts and more specifically when an e-learning project is inserted into the company, coaching becomes a fundamental analysis tool that allows you to explore and decode management's needs and expectations.

Creativity, Active Listening and Feedback to get the best from your Team

In fact, coaching facilitates the connection between the wishes of the management and the subject matter experts (SME=Subject Matter Experts), who are often NOT professional teachers, responsible for providing the training, because they possess great skills.

This is achieved through creativity, method, active listening and attention to feedback.


A relational facilitation

Coaching allows relational facilitation oriented towards problem solving also between management, trainers and all the people involved in the project.


Our aim in including coaching in e-learning projects is to redesign the services we offer to our customers, to make them further qualified, distinctive and oriented towards an exceptional customer experience. In fact, we offer our customers a "tailored" training project with a business consultancy method created by us.

The goal of coaching support

is to make companies more organized and structured contexts, thanks to an approach that collects information from company departments with a proactive spirit, with the aim not only of personalizing the training project, but also of improving the company climate and productivity.


Do you want to know the Method and Advantages of Coaching for E-Learning?

This service is an extremely powerful tool

capable of moving companies in a direction of greater awareness, organization, planning and action.

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TS 2015-09-22 OC LAB
Our work with Paola was very concrete, and based on a simple and real fact: our company OC, specialized in e-learning, has always had a character of excellence (we boast clients such as Rai, the UN, IMA SpA and others) but we have never been true salespeople. Our success has always been based on quality and seriousness, but it has always lacked the ability to find new customers. Paola, with her commercial experience, has been able to make a change in our way of operating with rapid and concrete results, in other words greater safety and effectiveness of our salespeople, learning new and effective techniques which immediately translated into a clear increase in the number of customers and turnover.

Roberto del Mastro


Paola managed to immediately understand what my points needed to improve, to put them on the table and make me aware. Then day after day she managed to give me all the tools to work on her, in a punctual and determined way. What I appreciated most it is the satisfaction after having reflected with Paola on the mistakes that I lightly make and which instead deserve the right in-depth analysis. My path has been oriented towards professional characteristics, but in the end they are character corrections that I also need in my personal life. I recommend everyone to get to know Paola, her professionalism and her invaluable experience.

Ilario Truppa

Associato OC e Senior E-Learning Consultant

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